27th November 2021



Complaint Reference Number


It has been brought to my attention that you now require weekly testing in the work environment.

The test alone is not without risks, not least immense pain, panic & anxiety, leakage of brain fluid and opening of the blood brain barrier, to name but a few reactions to the test. In addition the test has proved to be unreliable. The WHO themselves admit they cause false positives.


Asking another person to possibly damage their health to keep another person safe is not acceptable.

In order to assess the risk to myself arising from testing can you please provide the following?

1. A risk assessment based on my personal medical condition to determine whether there is any risk arising from having the test. Without a risk assessment you are not giving informed consent. For any medical procedure or test to be carried out full informed consent must be given.

2. Any test is a medical procedure and should only be carried out by a licenced medic. On that basis can you please provide the medical licence of your employee performing the test. To practice any medicine without a licence is unlawful and carries a large fine and possible prison sentence.

3. Your compensation package should I fall sick after having the test. This must include any sickness endured during the test or within 28 days after the date of the test.

You must compensate if you are asking people to potentially harm themselves to keep others safe, to work in your environment.

Please ensure any response to this is neither coercive nor abusive and addresses solely the issues adhering to me personally.

Coercive behaviour is trying to force others to do something against their wishes using emotional blackmail. Abusive behaviour would be threatening loss of a job, asking others to take responsibility for other people's health at the detriment to my health.

I love my job and would like to continue working here in a safe environment that is not detrimental to my health or the health of others.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely