Letter to your employer regarding having to have a vaccine at work


If your employer is forcing or coercing you into having a vaccine to continue to be employed, send them this letter. Vaccines are a medical procedure and require full informed consent, with the absolute right to say no. No one has the right to ask you to take a vaccine to protect another person without firstly taking full responsibilty for you.





27th November 2021



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It has been brought to my attention that I am now required to take a vaccine in order to work.

Having sought legal advice, coercion and blackmail are actually against the law, as is recommending any medication without a medical licence. Least of all medication that by the manufacturers own admission is still within its trial stage and has no long term safety studies.

No vaccine has ever been proven to be 100% safe for every person and can carry some serious health risks not least brain damage and death.

With that in mind can you provide me the following:

1. The full long term safety studies of the vaccine you require me to have injected into me.

2. Risk assessment you have carried out on me personally to determine whether I will be at risk from these or any other problems arising from any vaccine.

3. Before I would consider having anything injected into me that could potentially harm me, can you confirm what measures and compensation package you have in place, should I become sick after having the vaccine?

Any compensation package needs to be measurable and should allow for any sickness or distress caused from the vaccine for up to 6 months. Together with a large compensation package for my family should the worst happen as a result of the vaccine.

4. A copy of your medical licence and full informed consent.

Please ensure any response to this is neither coercive nor abusive and addresses solely the issues adhering to me personally.

Coercive behaviour is trying to force others to do something against their wishes using emotional blackmail. Abusive behaviour would be threatening loss of a job, asking others to take responsibility for other people's health at the detriment to the employee's health.

I love my job and would like to continue working here in a safe environment that is not detrimental to my health or the health of others.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely