If you are asked to wear a mask on any form of transport, ask them to provide you with the following. Use this letter as a template.



27th November 2021



Complaint Reference Number


We have been asked to wear a mask to travel on your transport.

Masks carry a high risk of both long term and short term illnesses. Not least bacterial pneumonia, potential brain damage and lung cancer, from oxygen reduction, bacteria breeding on the masks and releasing of fibres from the mask onto the lungs.

In order that I can safely wear a mask on your airline can you please provide me with the following:

1. A risk assessment based on my personal medical condition to determine whether it is safe for me to wear a mask.

2. The medical licence of your employee that will be requiring me to wear a mask. To recommend someone to wear a mask is a medical procedure and needs full informed consent from a medical practioner. To practice any medicine without a licence is unlawful and carries a large fine and possible prison sentence.

3. Your compensation package should I fall sick while travelling on you while wearing a mask. This must include any sickness endured while wearing a mask or within 28 days of wearing a mask after travelling with you.

The burden of proof is with yourselves, as asking someone to restrict their airway is unlawful and irresponsible. The number one human right in the whole world is the right to breathe air freely. You must compensate if you are asking people to restrict their airway.

There is unsurmoutable evidence that masks cause harm and do not prevent the spread of infection and actually increase the spread.

Once I have received the 3 items listed I will then decide whether or not wearing a mask is a risk I am willing to take.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely