Silent protest - TAKE ACTION - please share

Do you want to fight back against the government overreach but don't know where to start?

Do you have enough fire in your belly to actually want to do something?

We have put together some ideas that everyone can do right now to help towards fighting back. If you have any ideas you would like to add here then email us at the email address above. Doing anyone of them goes a long way. Noone needs to know you are doing any of it. That is the amazing thing.

  1. I love this one, print out one of the leaflets below, scrunch it up, take a photo of it. Then post the photo on a pro vax facebook page as if you are disgusted that it arrived in your home. You will get loads of replies and you may just reach one person who is questioning this. Oh and you will be seen as a hero in their eyes. They will promote it like crazy. You will reach far more of them this way than trying to get our side across.
  2. If you are feeling brave print some leaflets and deliver to your neighbour hood. If you want to deliver but are afraid, then pop them in an envelope and mail them to the people in your street. You don't need to put names on just the addresses. Even if we all just do 10 it is a start.
  3. Take a carrier bag and some gloves, pick up any masks you see lying around and send them to your local supermarket manager. If they want masks they will get masks. Also remember to use our letters to the stores under masks above.
  4. This one needs a bit of covert operation, so go in the dark and wear dark clothes. Take some scissors and when you see a covid sign or covid tape on things cut them off. again wear gloves no fingerprints.
  5. If you absolutely have to wear a mask, start coughing like crazy, feigning dizzyness in front of the ones making you do it. I only once had to wear one it was something I needed urgently, I started to say I felt light headed and dizzy asked for water, made a big fuss, they told me to remove it straight away as they didn't want anything to happen on their premises.
  6. Start growing and foraging for your own food.
  7. Switch off all tv, news media, and stop buying newspapers.
  8. Where possible use cash
  9. Don't get tested ever.
  10. Stop using amazon, if there is something you want on amazon, find out the seller and go to their website, they are normally cheaper anyway and you will be helping them.
  11. Goes without saying, cancel your tv licence and council tax. Just stop paying and when they do get in touch send them our letters under fines.
  12. Report and block ads on facebook and twitter.
  13. If a shop wants you to wear a mask, ask them for a mask, then take it, ask for the persons name tell them you are going to get the mask swabbed and if it comes back positive for corona virus they will be done for attempted murde and walk out. Take the mask, get is swabbed and if it is positive get them arrested for attempted murder.
  14. Send a freedom of Information request to your local hosptial, asking "how many people who died having covid on their death certificate, had recieved a flu or pneuomonia shot up to 28 days before dying.
  15. Go outside of your house, walk, run, drive do something. The more that are out the more the government realise no amount of restrictions will make people stay in. If in the unlikely event you do get stopped say nothing. Read this Your right to remain silent, If you do get fined use our letter under fines, covid fines.
  16. Eat healthier, really eating more fruit and veg does make a huge difference. Look up Dr Robert Morse, he has many free videos all over youtube that tell you how to heal your body simply and easily using only food.
  17. Buy a good water fitler or distiller, if they do stop our water supply at least we can distill water from rivers etc.
  18. Do not consent to anything. You have every right to say no for whatever they want you to do. We need to always teach our children this too, that they can say no.
  19. Join us in light a candle Thursday, while the NHS clapping is going on, lets light a candle for every soul that has been destroyed as a result of lockdowns. Light a Candle
  20. Never wear a mask

Some leaflet ideas