27th November 2021



Parking Fine Reference Number


Thank you for your letter dated We are willing to pay any alleged lawful debt regarding this letter providing you can produce the following:

   1.  Proof that the debt exists and you have permisssion to charge this debt.
   2.  A signed contract between ourselves stating that I am willing to pay the aforementioned fine.
   3.  A signed consent form from 67m people in the UK to say they agree to the Parking Fine act being lawful.

Once I have received all of the above I will happily pay any outstanding alleged debt. The only correspondence I require from you will contain all of the above.

Any further correspondence from yourselves regarding this matter which does not contain the all items above, will be charged at a rate of £250 per document. Any visits to my premises will be charged at a rate of £5,000 per visit. This is non negotiable.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely