It has been brought to my attention that you now require masks to be worn at the work place.

No human nor animal can live without air. So before I can agree to wearing a mask, can you prove that restricting my airway is in anyway beneficial to me and that it will cause no harm to me in anyway. Masks carry a high risk of both long term and short term illnesses, by restricting the airflow in and out. Not least bacterial pneumonias, potential brain damage and lung cancer, from oxygen reduction, bacteria breeding on the masks and releasing of fibres from the mask onto the lungs.

With that in mind can you show me the risk assessment you have carried out on my personal health to determine whether I will be at risk from these or any other problems arising from wearing a mask. Before I would consider wearing a face cover of any kind can you confirm what measures and compensation package you have in place, should I become sick from wearing the mask or face covering.

The compensation package should allow for any sickness or distress caused from the wearing of a mask or face covering of any type, as we cannot prove the mask did not cause it.

If I am to be held coersively responsible for other peoples health then I need to know who will be financially and medically responsible for my health should I fall sick from protecting them..

To discriminate against an emoloyee who cannot or will not wear a mask because it may be detrimental to their own health is against the law and can result in a legal action being brought against you.

Please ensure any response to this is neither coersive nor abusive and addresses solely the issues adhering to me personally.

Coersive behaviour is trying to force others to do something against their wishes using emotional blackmail. Abusive behaviour would be threatening loss of a job, asking others to take responsibility for other peoples health at the detriment to the wearers health.

I love my job and would like to continue working here in a safe environment that is not detrimental to my health or the health of others.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely