Letter to doctors to stop harrassing you regarding vaccines.


If your doctors surgery are hassling you to get a vaccine and you do not require one, use the letter below, either fill out the forms and press print, or just copy and paste into a word file or similar.



27th November 2021



Reference Number

Dear Practice Manager

I have recently been informed by members of your practice that you have a flu shot ready for me.

I would like to make a very clear and bold statement that I will NOT be receiving any vaccines. I have made an informed decision and I do not need to give any legal reason to decline the vaccines.

Vaccines are neither compulsory nor mandatory in the UK. I do not need to sign any 'refusal' form, nor will I sign any disclaimer.

Any further communication from anyone who works for your practice in regards to immunisations or vaccines will be seen as harassment and I will make an official complaint to the General Medical Council and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Any threats made regarding my perfectly legal decision will also be reported to the relevant authorities as Coercion and Bullying.

I have also sent this letter to my solicitor for his records.

I hope I have made my stance very clear.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely