17th April 2021



Complaint Reference Number


You were seen promoting vaccines and recommending people should get a vaccine.

All vaccines are a medical procedure and like any medical procedure they carry a risk of harm or injury. No one will know whether they are susceptible to that harm or injury until they have had the vaccine. See Tiffany Dover.

No matter who you are in the world, your rights do not supercede those of any other individual, consequently you do not have the right to ask another person to potentially damage their health for the sake of another person. That is not your decision to make.

If you wish to continue to promote vaccines please realise you will be personally held responsible for any adverse effects from the vaccine, should anyone fall sick after taking the vaccine, based on your personal recommendation.

For you to bully people into taking a vaccine can you please show me the following:

1. A risk assessment based on my personal medical condition to determine whether there is any risk to me arising from taking a vaccine.

2. Your medical licence. To recommend someone to take any kind of medication requires a licence to do so and needs full informed consent from a medical practitioner. To practice any medicine without a licence is unlawful and carries a large fine and possible prison sentence.

3. Your compensation package should I fall sick after taking the vaccine per your recommendation. This must include any sickness endured up to 28 days after having the vaccine, although can be extended if any sickness comes along that could be attributed to having had the vaccine.

You must compensate if you are asking people to potentially harm themselves.

Vaccine injury and death is real, VAERS would not exist if there was no injury from vaccines.

To that end there is no basis for your recommendation. So please provide the 3 items listed above failure to do so will result in a £60,000 fine being levied against you.

You have 28 days to respond with the above before the fine becomes payable.

Without prejudice

Yours sincerely