Letter to your employer regarding having to have a vaccine at work


If your employer is forcing or coercing you into having a vaccine to continue to be employed, send them this letter. Vaccines are a medical procedure and require full informed consent, with the absolute right to say no. No one has the right to ask you to take a vaccine to protect another person without firstly taking full responsibilty for you.





27th November 2021



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I've noticed a rising number of celebrities trying to coerce people into having a toxic injection, where no safety studies are available

None of these are Doctors and even if they were giving medical advice without informed consent, which means a full run down of ingredients in there as well as true likelihood of severe reactions including death.

Currently promotion of this is actuall illegal and if you have had a jab based on coercive techniques by a celebrity you may be entitled to compensation from them.

Below are some who have been found promoting it, without holding a medical licence: